New Publication

Inactivation of the Nuclear Orphan Receptor COUP-TFII by Small Chemicals. 
Le Guével R, Oger F, Martinez-Jimenez CP, Bizot M, Gheeraert C, Firmin F, Ploton M, Kretova M, Palierne G, Staels B, Barath P, Talianidis I, Lefebvre P, Eeckhoute J, Salbert G.
ACS Chem. Biol. 2017 Jan.

Welcome to Audrey Brossard

Audrey Brossard is an engineer, she is an expert in biochemistry, molecular biology and yeast genetics. She previously worked in our team in 2014 - 2015.

La Ligue contre le Cancer awarded a grant to our team

The Ille-et-Vilaine and Finistère committees from la Ligue contre le Cancer awarded a new grant to our team.

This grant will enable us to set up a new method to monitor portien ubiquitylation in real time in living cells.

Front cover of Molecular Biology of the Cell journal, december 2016

A photography taken from the article of Hafida SELLOU, Théo LEBEAUPIN and Sébastien HUET, has become the front cover (pdf) of the Molecular Biology of the Cell journal, december 2016.

Joint meeting in Heidelberg

Gaëlle, Celestina and Gwen joined Marie in Heidelberg for a one-day meeting with the entire lab of Michael Knop. This was an excellent opportunity to review our projects and learn from their research.

New Publication

The poly(ADP-ribose)-dependent chromatin remodeler Alc1 induces local chromatin relaxation upon DNA damage.
Sellou H, Lebeaupin T, Chapuis C, Smith R, Hegele A, Singh HR, Kozlowski M, Bultmann S, Ladurner AG, Timinszki G, Huet S.
Mol Biol Cell 2016 Oct.


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