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Interview de Nathalie BLANC parue dans Science Ouest - n°350 - Mars 2017

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How a cell can produce two daughter cells with different identities is the fundamental question we study using the Drosophilaadult sensory organ (SO) lineage as a model system. SO precursors (SOP) are epithelial cells present in a single layer neuroepithelium on the dorsal thorax of Drosophila. SOP undergoes a series of four ACD in which a mother cell gives rise to two daughter cells.

Our PhD program


The PhD program of the IGDR offers additional training to the ones offered by the Biology Health Graduate School of the University of Rennes 1 or by other graduate schools to which the PhD students from IGDR are affiliated.
This program has four main goals:
1 / to respect science ethics and research integrity
2 / to develop soft skills complementary to research activity

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