Animal facilities

Xenopes animal housing

Person in charge of Xenopus laevis​Jacek KUBIAK
Person in charge of Xenopus tropicalis​Yann AUDIC
Technical staff

The housing is composed of three air-conditioned rooms:

  • a room with 30 tanks with 300 Xenopus laevis at this time
  • a room with 12 tanks with Xenopus tropicalis at this time
  • a room for experimentation (with microscopes, micro injection systems...)


C. elegans room

Person in charge: Grégoire MICHAUX

The room is equipped with:

  • a collection of approximately 200 C. elegans lines
  • 6 Leica MS5 and Nikon SMZ645 microscopes
  • 2 15°C incubators
  • 1 25°C incubator
  • access to a fluorescence microscope Leica MZ16F equipped with GFP, DsRed, DAPI filters and 1X, 5X lenses (Fly room)