Group members M3PE

Staff scientist

Grégoire MICHAUX - PI - DR2 CNRS


Simultaneous regulation of cytokinetic furrow and nucleus positions by cortical tension contributes to proper DNA segregation during late mitosis
Pacquelet A, Jousseaume M, Etienne J, Michaux G.
2019, Current Biology; 2019, BioRxiv

Research support

Ophélie NICOLLE - Engineer UR1

Adaptation of cryo-sectioning for immuno-EM-labeling of asymmetric samples: C. elegans case study.
Nicolle O, Burel A, Griffiths G, Michaux G, Kolotuev I.
2015, Traffic


Aurélien BIDAUD-MEYNARD - Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action fellowship 2019-2021

V0-ATPase-dependent apical trafficking maintains the polarity of the intestinal absorptive membrane
Bidaud-Meynard A, Nicolle O, Heck M, Le Cunff Y, Michaux G.
2019, Development; 2018, BioRxiv

PhD student

Flora DEMOUCHY - 2018-2021