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After a PhD in Biophysics in 2011 as part of a co-supervision between the Danish laboratory "MEMPHYS: Center for Biomembrane Physics" and the University of Rennes 1, and supervised by John Hjort Ipsen and Philippe Meléard, I completed a first post-doc between two Danish laboratories, "MEMPHYS: Center for Biomembrane Physics" and the Department of "Bioscience and Terrestrial Ecology" (Silkeborg), during which I became interested in the study of membrane mechanical properties of giant vesicles: either with simple lipid bilayers aiming to understand how they are affected in the presence of different molecules (eg fluorophores, sodium salts, magainin, sodium and potassium pump, ...), or with vesicles reconstituted from membrane extracts to study how the rigidity of these membranes reacts to different stresses (temperature, presence of ethanol, ...).

In 2012, I joined the laboratory of Jacques Pécréaux at the IGDR as part of a post-doctorate, during which I focused my interest on the asymmetric division of the C. elegans embryo, and more precisely on the robustness of the positioning of the mitotic spindle by a biophysical approach. I was then recruited as a researcher at the CNRS in 2015 and since then I continue my research project in the team of J. Pécréaux to understand how the regulation of microtubule mechanics and dynamics leads to a robust positioning of the mitotic spindle. For that, I use advanced tools in image and data analysis, as well as fluorescence microscopy and molecular and cellular biology techniques.


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