IGDR has the “DÉCLICS”

Several IGDR, INRA and BIOSIT researchers have participated in the “DÉCLICS” event. The purpose was to share about various Research jobs with students.


On Monday, 20th November 2017, the IGDR participated in a meeting between high school students and researchers in its capacity as a DÉCLICS partner (DÉCLICS: to develop exchanges between researchers and high school students to encourage the building of knowledge). The discussions enabled students to discover the different facets of researcher’s job. Thanks to “DÉCLICS”, researchers and teachers had good exchanges talking together. It’s really important for the IGDR to spend time with students because they are the future of research.

What’s a « DÉCLICS » ?

DÉCLICS is an event of the FSER Circle (Schlumberger Foundation for Education and Research). The aim of this group is to bring together science and society.

Talks, speed-meetings and exchanges

Around twenty members of the IGDR participated in the event organised at two local high schools in Rennes (France). Claude PRIGENT led the discussions at Bréquigny High School while Damien COUDREUSE took on this role at Victor et Hélène BASCH High School. Both group leaders first gave an introductory talk, which was followed by speed-meetings with groups of students. Participating researchers and support staff discussed with groups of around six students for twelve minutes each. During this time they were able to talk about their job and answer the students’ questions. The day ended with exchanges between researchers and teachers.

Nadine’s experience

Nadine GATTET, Financial Administration Coordinator, talks about her “DÉCLICS” experience as part of Damien’s group at Victor et Hélène BASCH High School.

“This event was really interesting, as much the members of the IGDR as the students. I found Damien’s initiative to compose his group of people that have different profiles and jobs to be a great advantage. Students discovered that a laboratory includes jobs other than just researchers. I explained to the students that it’s possible to work in a laboratory without being a scientist, for example, by working in the administration, like me. We haven’t felt the 12 minutes pass, the exchanges were really rewarding and pleasant !”

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Article written by Noémie ALBERTEAU and Marion LAILLÉ, translated by Sarah DIXON