The IGDR is mobilizing in support of regional efforts to combat SARS-CoV-2.

The IGDR is mobilizing in support of regional efforts to fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Three agents of the institute, Hélène Guyodo, Edouard Cadieu and Stéphane Dréano are participating in the virological screening tests of COVID 19 in the departmental laboratory of medical analysis of Morbihan.



Involved since the beginning of the health crisis that affects the whole world, the Institute of Genetics and Development of Rennes brings its support by coming to reinforce the staff of the departmental laboratory of medical analysis of Morbihan.

During the months of August and September 2020, three agents of the IGDR came to help the LDA team to carry out PCR tests for COVID-19. It is in a spirit of work combining rigor and efficiency, necessary to the work of detection of the virus, and of conviviality and exchange with the staff of the medical analysis laboratory, that they made the trip from Rennes to Vannes every day.

They performed more than six hundred to one thousand tests per day, thus ensuring the rapid delivery of results to patients.


Finally in July 2020, we were asked to perform covid screenings!!! Since the 1st confinement, I wanted more than anything to participate in this effort, especially since I had the required skills. After obtaining the agreement of Valérie (Dupé), I left for Vannes and the LDA 56. The first day with Edouard and from the 2nd day with a third colleague Stéphane. That's it, the covid rennes team was complete. Despite the hot conditions (30°C minimum) in the laboratory dedicated to SARS COV2, we worked with enthusiasm and devotion. We were welcomed and supported by the whole animal health department of the LDA in an incredible way. It was a very enriching experience both professionally and humanly. I will keep an imperishable memory of this period and I only wait for one thing: to be able to see again the colleagues of Vannes around an aperitif or a good meal.




    Hélène GUYODO, technician in the Genetics of Developmental Pathologies team.



It was a unique experience! The challenge of the daily result spiced up these already hot days. The suit and other safety accessories transformed us for this hot period into cosmonaut of the space Covid-19. But the professionalism and sympathy of the Vannes team allowed us to manage the situation as well as possible.




   Edouard CADIEU, engineer in the Dog Genetics team.



Delivering quality work, in record time, for optimal efficiency was an important motivation. No matter what difficulties we encountered, we had to and did 
to find a solution. The LDA team gave us a very warm welcome and a memorable farewell drink. They trained us and put us at ease as soon as we arrived. 
They accompanied us (and sometimes reassured us) when we needed it throughout our stay.

I keep an excellent memory of it and I offered myself for a new session if needed. It is with great pleasure that I will return.

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   Stephane DREANO, technician in charge of sequencing.