Internships M3PE

Epithelial polarity establishment and maintenance in the C. elegans intestine

Epithelial polarity of intestinal cells is essential for food absorption. The aim of this internship will be to characterise the molecular mechanisms required for the establishment and/or maintenance of polarity in vivo in C. elegans (Shafaq-Zadah et al, Development, 2012; Bidaud-Meynard et al, Development, 2019).

This internship will be supervised by Anne Pacquelet.

Investigating a new biomechanical signalling pathway during morphogenesis

To characterise a new kind of signaling pathway, based on mechanotransduction rather than biochemical signaling, you will examine how a mechanical signal, muscle contractions, can control the establishment of planar polarity in a distant epithelial tissue, and therefore contribute to coordinate the embryonic morphogenesis of C. elegans (Gillard et al, Current Biology, 2019).

This internship is opened to biologists or biophysicists and will be supervised by Grégoire Michaux.