Internships M3PE

Epithelial polarity establishment and maintenance in the C. elegans intestine

Epithelial polarity of intestinal cells is essential for food absorption. The aim of this internship will be to characterise the molecular mechanisms required for the establishment and/or maintenance of polarity in vivo in C. elegans.

This internship will be supervised by Anne Pacquelet.

Role of apical membrane trafficking in the maintenance of intestinal polarity and brush border

Membrane trafficking is essential for the maintenance of the absorbent intestinal apical membrane. The aim of this internship will be to characterize the role of apical trafficking pathways, using either C. elegans or mouse intestinal organoids.This internship (M1 ou M2) will be supervised by pierre-aurelien [dot] bidaudatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr (Aurélien Bidaud-Meynard).