Equipe Tubuline et protéines associées

Email : laurence [dot] duchesne [at] univ-rennes1 [dot] fr

Phone : +33 (0)2 23 23 48 82


Université de Rennes 1
UMR 6290, équipe TIPs
Campus de Beaulieu, Bât. 13, Pièce 214
35042 Rennes Cedex

In a few words

Laurence Duchesne performed her PhD (1999-2002) at the "Cell and Molecular Interactions" unit of Rennes, under the supervision of Jean-François Hubert. She joined the Institute of Integrative Biology of Liverpool (UK) to perform a post-doctorate in the group of David Fernig (2002-09). In 2010, Laurence performed a second post-doctorate at the "Institut du Fer à Moulin" (Pierre et Marie Curie University, Paris VI) in the group of René-Marc Mège, and was recruted in 2011 as a Lecturer in the team "Tubulin and Interacting Proteins".


Teaching Biochemistry to Licence and Master students: Enzymology, Sugar metabolism, the extracellular matrix, the cytoskeleton.

Selected publications

EB1 interacts with outwardly curved and straight regions of the microtubule lattice
Guesdon A*, Bazile F*, Buey RM, Mohan R, Monier S, Rodríguez García R, Angevin M, Heichette C, Wieneke R, Tampé R, Duchesne L, Akhmanova A, Steinmetz MO, Chrétien D
Nat Cell Biol, 2016 Sep.
*Co-first authors

The formation of ordered nanoclusters controls cadherin anchoring to actin and cell–cell contact fluidity
Strale PO, Duchesne L, Peyret G, Montel L, Nguyen T, Png E, Tampé R, Troyanovsky S, Hénon S, Ladoux B, and Mège RM
J Cell Biol, 2015 Jul.

Transport of Fibroblast Growth Factor 2 in the Pericellular Matrix Is Controlled by the Spatial Distribution of Its Binding Sites in Heparan Sulfate
Duchesne L, Octeau V, Bearon RN, Beckett A, Prior I, Lounis B, Fernig DG
PLoS Biol, 2012 Jul.

Bipartite Design of a Self-Fibrillating Protein Copolymer with Nanopatterned Peptide Display Capabilities
Bruning M, Kreplak L, Leopoldseder S, Müller SA, Ringler P, Duchesne L, Fernig DG, Engel A, Ucurum-Fotiadis Z, Mayans O
Nano Lett, 2010 Nov.

Photothermal Absorption Correlation Spectroscopy (PhACS)
Octeau V, Cognet L, Duchesne L, Lasne D, Schaeffer N, Fernig DG, Lounis B
ACS Nano, 2009 Feb.

Robust ligand shells for biological applications of gold nanoparticles
Duchesne L, Gentili D, Comes-Franchini M, Fernig DG
Langmuir, 2008 Dec.


Nanoparticle conjugates
Fernig DG & Duchesne L
International patent, PCT/GB2009/ 050107.