The MRic platform (microscopy-Rennes Imaging Center)

Scientific Director: Marc TRAMIER


We are deeply involved in the MRic platform because it is an essential tool for the IGDR.

  • At the local level, UMS Biosit is in charge of the financial management (Directeur : Thierry GUILLAUDEUX).
  • At the regional level, MRic is a platform network Biogenouest®.
  • At the national level, MRic belongs to the GIS-IBiSA ‘Infrastructures en Biologie, Santé et Agronomie’.
  • At the European level, MRic belongs to ELMI (European Light Microscopy Iniciative).


Scientific director: Sébastien HUET       Platform engineers: Marc TRAMIER, Stéphanie DUTERTRE et Clément CHEVALIER

MRic-TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy)

Scientific director of the molecular unit: Denis CHRETIEN

Scientific director of the cellular unit: Grégoire MICHAUX    Platform engineers: Agnès BUREL, Marie-Thérèse LAVAULT et Laurence CORNEVIN


  • Training to microscopy
  • Practical advices for experimentation and sample preparation
  • Machines to observe fixed samples using epifluorescence, confocal, multiphoton, electron microscopy and NanoSIMS
  • Machines for lifetime imaging under controlled atmosphere, using epifluorescence, spinning disk, confocal and multiphotonics, FRET, FLIM, FRAP, FCS, FCCS
  • Electron microscopy, ultrastructural cytology, immunoEM, negative staining, cryo-EM, and tomography
  • Microinjection facilities
  • Image processing, deconvolution, 3D reconstruction
  • Advices and helps to experimentation designs
  • Facilities to develop new systems (prototypes)
  • Collaborations on complex projects