Muscle Development and Repair Team

Presentation and background

The muscles are extremely solicited throughout adult life. To function properly, they must be maintained and regenerated continuously. This remarkable ability to regenerate is primarily due to a population of muscle stem cells called satellite cells (SC). These cells are dormant but can be activated to restore damaged muscles. In this context, our group uses Drosophila as a study model and a combination of genetic, real-time imaging and genomic approaches to discover the general principles governing the properties of SCs. Translated with (free version)(CS). Ces cellules sont dormantes mais peuvent être activées pour restaurer les muscles endommagés.

Dans ce contexte, notre groupe utilise la Drosophile comme modèle d’étude et une combinaison d'approches génétiques, d'imageries en temps réel et génomiques pour découvrir les principes généraux régissant les propriétés des CS.