• "The powerful world of antisense oligonucleotides: From bench to bedside"

Following the publication of her scientific publication "The powerful world of antisense oligonucleotides: From bench to bedside", Anaïs Quéméner, PhD student (2017-2020) in the GEO team, has been selected for the cover of the journal WIREs RNA and for a teasing of her article in Advanced Science News.

Congrats to her !

Cover link      Teasing Link



  • "USF1 defect drives p53 degradation during Helicobacter pylori infection and accelerates gastric carcinogenesis"

Following the publication of the scientific article "USF1 defect drives p53 degradation during Helicobacter pylori infection and accelerates gastric carcinogenesis" carried out in collaboration with Eliette Touati's team (Pasteur Institute, Paris) authors produced a video and a teasing about this article.

Presentation link      Teasing link


  • Thesis prize of the "Fondation Rennes 1"

Nina Tardif, PhD student (2016-2019) in the GEO team, was awarded by the Rennes 1 Foundation in Life Sciences Domain for her thesis work focused on the involvement of the AhR factor, mainly known for its protective role against environmental pollutants, in the development of resistance to certain melanoma treatments. This work thus opens up new therapeutic perspectives.

Congrats to her ! 

Link Fondation Rennes 1 Website - Laureates


  • Octobre 2019: "Programme Labellisé Fondation ARC"

On October 15th, the ARC Foundation acknowledged our group as “Team officially supported by the ARC Foundation for Cancer Research” and awarded a grant to Pr Marie-Dominique Galibert to support our research projects.

On this day, Marie-Dominique GALIBERT gave an overview of the research program and the team got the chance to talk to the ARC sponsors over different workshops in our labs. We really enjoyed interacting with the generous sponsors. Their donations will allow us to pursue our research projects and they reminded us why we have to fight against cancer.

Article – ARC Foundation


  • WEBINAR - A non coding function of TYRP1 mRNA promotes melanoma growth

Presentation link 


  • Keynote seminar speakers 

At the initiative of Marie-Dominique GALIBERT, we were glad to receive :

Dr. Elaine OSTRANDER, Docteur Honoris Causa 2019, National Human Genome Research Institute (NGHRI) - Washington - USA
"Canine Genetics: How Man’s Best Friend Informs Human Health and Biology"

Dr. François RADVANYI, Institut Curie - Paris
"Mining of large scale molecular data in cancer. From basic research to clinical applications"

Dr. Cédric DELEVOYE, Institut Curie - Paris
"An intra- and intercellular journey in the skin"

Dr. Pierre CLOSE, Institut de recherche interdisciplinaire en sciences biomédicales - Liège - Belgique

Dr. Yuna BLUM, Cartes d'Identité des Tumeurs, Ligue Contre le Cancer - Paris

Pr. Xavier COUMOUL, T3S Paris Descartes - Paris
"Persistant organic pollutants and the risk of cancer metastasis"



  • International Meeting - The European Society for Pigment Cell Research (ESPCR) 2018

Pr. Marie-Dominique GALIBERT and her team organised the 21st European Society for Pigment Cell Research meeting which took place in Rennes from September 22nd to 24th 2018. 

Meeting website          Scientific Program



  • Charles GRÜPPER's award laureate (LEO Pharma) - Dr. David GILOT 

Dr. David GILOT, researcher in the GEO team was awarded for his researches which led to a scientific article in November 2017 entitled "A non-coding function of TYRP1 mRNA promotes melanoma growth".

Congrats to him !