• Award

    Thesis Prize 2017 of the French National Academy of Pharmacy awarded to Melodie Migault

    Posted the 09/01/18
    The French National Academy of Pharmacy awarded in December 2017  Mélodie MIGAULT for her thesis work in Biological Sciences which she defended 29th June 2007"MicroRNA sequestration in metastatic melanoma: from the molecular mechanism to the therapeutic candidate."...
  • Scientific discovery

    DNA: understanding how it is repaired, shed light on the origin of cancer

    Posted the 03/01/18
    Sébastien Huet, lecturer at the University of Rennes 1 at IGDR, contributed to a European study of a protein capable of reshaping DNA, called ALC1...
  • Media

    Cancers: such master, such dog

    Posted the 13/12/17
    CANCERS IN THE DOG AND MAN, SAME FIGHTS!"Gene fusions are known to be responsible for cancers in humans....
  • Event

    IGDR has the “DÉCLICS”

    Posted the 21/11/17
    Several IGDR, INRA and BIOSIT researchers have participated in the “DÉCLICS” event. The purpose was to share about various Research jobs with students....
  • Scientific discovery

    Identical gene mergers in human and canine cancers

    Posted the 30/10/17
    Many cancers are said to be homologous in humans and dogs, so that a team from the Institute of Genetics and Development in Rennes is working to identify the genetic causes of these cancers, for the mutual benefit of both species. Its researchers have discovered in the dog chromosomal alterations inducing "fusions" of genes, well known and characteristic of certain lymphomas or sarcomas in hum...
  • Institute

    IRSET-IGDR meeting

    Posted the 05/09/17
    On September 5th, 2017, a meeting was held between the steering committee of the Institute for Research in Health, Environment and Work (IRSET, UMR Inserm 1085) and the IGDR Management Committee....
  • Scientific discovery

    The evolution of our diet has changed the dog genome

    Posted the 03/01/17
    Unlike wolves, dogs have adapted to be able to feed on our leftovers. At least 7000 years ago, in parallel with the development of agriculture, dogs acquired the ability to digest starch. This was shown by Christophe HITTE and Laetitia LAGOUTTE, from the team of Catherine ANDRÉ, in collaboration with their colleagues of the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon and of the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle....
  • Institute

    Projects from 3 teams selected by ANR

    Posted the 03/11/16
    The Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) has selected projects from the teams of Roland LE BORGNE, Denis CHRETIEN and Gwenaël RABUT, in the context of the very competitive ANR 2016 call for proposals....
  • Event

    IGDR takes part in the Challenge National Voile-Recherche 2016

    Posted the 10/10/16
    This year again, IGDR entered the Challenge National Voile-Recherche organized by the CAES of the CNRS. This friendly competition was held in the Ile de Groix area from october 6th to 10th, and brought together staff of all positions and experience coming from several national institutes and from London....
  • Scientific discovery

    Gold at microtubule tips

    Posted the 28/09/16
    Essential components of our cells, microtubules resize permanently. One of the secrets of this dynamic instability resides in the stabilizing cap present at the tips of these structures. Led by scientists from the IGDR, a European collaboration revealed the architecture of this cap at the molecular level, as well as the conformational changes that take place in this key region of the microtubule. This work is published in Nature Cell Biology....


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