5th day "Signalisation and CANcer"

This year the organization committee "SCAN" of SFR BIOSIT (Signalisation and CANcer) in which IGDR members participate, organizes the 5th day "Signalisation and Cancer" on November 22, 2018, amphitheater C, campus Health Villejean to Rennes.

Several speakers will speak on various topics related to cancer (invasion, cell death, angiogenesis, etc.).
Fifth day of the scientific theme Signalisation and Cancer SCAN of the SFR BIOSIT on Thursday, November 22, 2018 - Amphi C - Campus Health Rennes 9:30 - 15:15

Speakers :

  • Aura CARREIRA, Institut Curie, Paris
  • Serge ROCHE, Centre de Recherche en Biologie cellulaire de Montpellier
  • Julie GAVARD, Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie et Immunologie Nantes Angers
  • Fanny MANN, Institut de Biologie du Développement de Marseille
  • Elodie LAFONT, Centre de Lutte contre le Cancer Eugene Marquis, Rennes

Posters Session/ Lunch: with poster prizes for doctoral and post-doctoral students awarded by the Ille et Vilaine committee of the Ligue Contre le Cancer. (Dimensions of the posters: 1m20 H x 1m L)
Important: Posters must be in English. It is also a concrete opportunity for young researchers to present their work.


Team Organizing Committee SCAN:
Xavier LE GOFF (CNRS UMR 6290 IGDR), Rémy PEDEUX (Inserm U1242 COSS), Frédéric MOURCIN (INSERM U917), Marie-Thérèse DIMANCHE-BOITREL (Inserm U1085 IRSET), Nicolas HIPP (INSERM U917), Kathleen SANTAMARIA (INSERM U917), Anaïs QUEMENER (CNRS UMR 6290 IGDR), Anaïs PARIS (CNRS UMR 6290 IGDR)

With the support of FHU CAMIn : Marie-Dominique GALIBERT (IGDR).