Crowdfunding - Foundation of Rennes 1 - Care and protect the skin of your children: Lise BOUSSEMARD, MCU-PH within the GEO team, participates in the development of a prevention booklet

To reassure parents and help them make the difference, the Rennes 1 Foundation wishes to inform the general public by producing a tool for the prevention of skin diseases.

Initiated by Morgane Taffou, intern in general medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rennes 1 and Dr. Lise Boussemart, hospital dermatologist, researcher at the IGDR, this initiative comes from the recognition of a real need for education and information for parents.

After the success of a campaign to raise awareness of these diseases among parents in municipal and community nurseries in Rennes, we decided to make as many people as possible know the basics of medicine for:

     recognize the most common diseases
     avoid diseases that are preventable
     Easily treat diseases for which non-prescription treatments are available


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