IGDR takes part in the Challenge National Voile-Recherche 2016

This year again, IGDR entered the Challenge National Voile-Recherche organized by the CAES of the CNRS. This friendly competition was held in the Ile de Groix area from october 6th to 10th, and brought together staff of all positions and experience coming from several national institutes and from London.

The crews of Romancie, Delphini and Beurre-Sucre

Onboard the 16 boats that sailed away were technical staff, postdocs and grad students, with or without sailing experience. Amongst them, 3 crews were from Rennes with IGDR contributing 11 crewmembers on a total of 18.

  • Beurre-Sucre (Rennes 1) : Denis CHRETIEN, le skipper (IGDR), Pascal VAN HILLE (Médecine), Gilles Salbert (IGDR), Manon THOMET (Microbiologie), Thomas DERRIEN (IGDR), Charlotte GUYOMAR (IGDR)
  • Delphini (Rennes 2) : Renan GOUDE, le skipper (Microbiologie), Abdelhak EL AMRANI (Ecobio), Antoine LETOUBLON (Insa), Nicolas SORIANO  (IGDR), Mélanie RAULT  (IGDR), Sophie CHAT  (IGDR)
  • Romancie (Rennes 3) : Yann AUDIC, le skipper (IGDR), Olivier DAMERON (Irisa), Edouard CADIEU (IGDR), Agnès MEREAU (IGDR), Audrey LAURENT (IGDR), Cristelle MERIADEC (IPR)

The Challenge

Wednesday the 6th : Prepping the boats.

Romancie, Delphinie and Beurre-Sucre were escorted from Le Crouesty to Kernevel.

Thursday the 7th : Training the crews

The crews gor familiar with their boats and practiced turning and gybing.

Friday the 8th : The first « banana » races

Before sailing for the night stage, all boats met on the starting line for short races around 3 buoys called « banana » races. Around 5 pm, contestants thus sailed towards the Glénans, then around the Groix Island, and finally back to their starting point.

Saturday the 9th : Dolphins in the night

For their greatest joy, the crews were escorted this night by dolphins who took great pleasure in playing with the boats stems. The finish line was crossed by the crews between 1 :30 and 3:30 am.

Sunday the 10th : Along the coast and oysters

A second coastal race was held on Sunday between Groix and Lorient, followed in the evening by the traditional « oysters night » where each crew had to sing a song, a mandatory part of the competition !

Monday the 11th : Last manœuvres

The last two « banana » races were held in the morning.

The results

Beurre-Sucre, Romancie and Delphini finished the event in third, twelfth and fourteenth positions respectively.

Beyond the results, the crews will remember the excellent vibe on board, on par with the great weather they enjoyed.

More information

Contact: Denis CHRÉTIEN - Association Voile Recherche Enseignement de Rennes (AVRE-Rennes).

Article written in French by Denis CHRÉTIEN & Marion LAILLÉ - Traducted in english by Xavier PINSON

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