Projects from 3 teams selected by ANR

The Agence Nationale de la Recherche or ANR (Research national agency) has selected projects from the teams of Roland LE BORGNE, Denis CHRETIEN and Gwenaël RABUT, in the context of the very competitive ANR 2016 call for proposals.

Selected IGDR projects

The ANR international jury has chosen to fund the proposal from the lab of Roland LE BORGNE to study epithelial polarity and signalling during cytokinesis in animal cells (ANR PRC : CYTOSIGN), in collaboration with the lab of Arnaud ECHARD located in the Institut Pasteur.

The team of Denis CHRETIEN also gets funding to work on GTP hydrolysis mechanism during microtubules assembly (ANR PRC : Tubulin_GTP), in collaboration with the lab of Michel STEINMETZ of the Institut Paul SCHERRER located in Villigen (Switzerland).

Finally, the ANR has chosen to support the project of Gwenaël RABUT to establish his own research team within the IGDR. The team will work towards deciphering ubiquitylation nuclear networks (ANR JCJC : UbiNet). Moreover, the ANR will fund a project studying plasma membrane remodeling through nutrients availability (ANR PRC : P-Nut) supervised by Sebastien LEON of the Institut Jacques MONOD in Paris and with whom Gwenael collaborates.

The Agence National de la Recherche

The ANR funds scientific research via call for proposals procedures. Through competitive selection matching international standards, it is commited to promoting creativity, teams emergence and partnerships, and to working against research partitioning. Since 2010, it has been the primary provider for the Investissements d'Avenir in higher education and research. In this context, it conducts projects selection, funding and follow-up.



Roland LE BORGNE Group

Denis CHRÉTIEN Group

Gwenaël RABUT Group

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