New Publication

Cytosine modifications modulate the chromatin architecture of transcriptional enhancers
Mahé EA, Madigou T, Sérandour AA, Bizot M, Avner S, Chalmel F, Palierne G, Métivier R, Salbert G.
Genome Res. 2017 Apr.

Welcome to Charlène Kergal and Valentin Debelhoir

Charlène Kergal and Valentin Debelhoir are students from the "Université de Bretagne Sud" and "Université de Rennes 1", respectively. They are joining our lab for a 2 months internship.

European Amphibian Club

Luc Paillard and Yann Audic are members of the organisation committee and/or of the scientific committee of the first European Amphibian Club, an international meeting to be held 28th-30th June, 2017.

New Publication

Inactivation of the Nuclear Orphan Receptor COUP-TFII by Small Chemicals. 
Le Guével R, Oger F, Martinez-Jimenez CP, Bizot M, Gheeraert C, Firmin F, Ploton M, Kretova M, Palierne G, Staels B, Barath P, Talianidis I, Lefebvre P, Eeckhoute J, Salbert G.
ACS Chem. Biol. 2017 Jan.

Welcome to Audrey Brossard

Audrey Brossard is an engineer, she is an expert in biochemistry, molecular biology and yeast genetics. She previously worked in our team in 2014 - 2015.


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