Offre de stage M2, Régis GIET

Functional analysis of the microtubule-associated protein 7 (MAP7)

Keywords : Cell division, Intracellular transport, Microtubule, Stem cells, Cancer

Regulation of the organization of the microtubule (MT) network is essential for the transport of organelles and vesicles. Multiple pathologies are associated with deregulation of this MT-dependent traffic (neurodegenerative diseases). Moreover similar defects are also involved in the potential of invasiveness of malignant cells. Finally, mitotic spindle assembly defects can lead to error in chromosomes segregation, a common feature of cancer cells. Altogether, studying the spatio-temporal regulation of the MT cytoskeleton is crucial for a better understanding of human diseases.

Microtubule organization is regulated by ensconsin/MAP7 in Drosophila stem cells and oocytes (Gallaud et al., Journal of Cell Biology, 2014 and Métivier et al. Development, 2019). The applicant will analyze the effects of different GFP-tagged MAP7 mutants in the regulation of the MT-based intracellular transport and in the organization of the MT networks (Mitosis and interphase) using in vivo approaches, combined with cutting edge 4-D microscopy techniques.

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