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  • PKD STOP Project

Posted the 31/10/17

European Project (FEDER) & Region Bretagnepartners : C.RIS PHARMA à Saint Malo et MANROS à Roscoff.

PKD-STOP : Treatment of polycystic kidney disease with protein kinase inhibitors ...

  • 4th year of PhD financed by LNCC for Lucy VAUFREY

Posted the 21/06/16

Congratulation to Lucy VAUFREY who got a fellowship from the LIGUE NATIONALE CONTRE LE CANCER for her 4th year of PhD: Function of the kinase Aurora A during asymmetric cell division in Drosophila melanogaster. ...


  • The Fondation of Rennes 1 is helping the venue of a foreign PhD student

Posted the 15/01/16

The fondation of Rennes 1 is helping the venue of Arun Prasath DAMODARAN a PhD student from India.



  • Lab Retreat at Cancale

Posted the 30/06/15

Lab Retreat at Cancale ! (2015, June 8-9)

L'équipe Cycle Cellulaire à bord d'une bisquine