A research project of the IGDR funded by Europe

"Development of novel ribosome-targeting antibiotics" project  in which Reynald GILLET is a partner has been selected in the framework of the 6th Call for Projects "Innovations against antibiotic-resistant bacteria: new targets, compounds and tools. Fundamental, translational research, with the exception of clinical trials" from JPI-AMR 2018 .


The Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR) was formed 2011 by 15 European Countries with the support of the European Commission and now comprise 26 countries globally. It is funding 65 M Euros of basic and exploratory research on new antibiotics, stewardship of existing antibiotics, and studies and control of the spread of antibiotic resistance between humans, animals, and the environment in a One Health perspective. It also supports research through several activities such as the establishment of a Virtual Research Institute. JPIAMR coordinate national research programmes on AMR through its Strategic Research Agenda and with input from the IMI and a network of non-governmental stakeholders.


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