ANDRÉ Group Collaborations

Active collaborations

Collaborations within the IGDR

With teams working on cancers: melanoma (M.-D. GALIBERT team: with a common INCa INSERM funding 2012-2015); glioblastoma (J. MOSSER team: with a CGO funding -2012-2013 and a pending INCa funding).

Local collaborations

on lymphomas (K. TARTE team INSERM/CHU) and with the Biotrial company (CIFRE PhD program 2013-2016); for the Cani-DNA CRB with the CHU "human CRB" (common IBiSA funding in 2010).

Use of the Biosit platforms: H2P2, ImPACcell,"Flow cytometry and cell sorting" and "Health genomics".

National & international collaborations

Lots of collaborations since, for a given human genetic disease (see per project), organization of working groups composed of the human genetic disease experts, the veterinarians and geneticists, epidemiologists, histopathologists...

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