Edouard CADIEU


Research Support

Catherine ANDRÉ Group

+33 (0)2 23 23 44 84

Villejean campus - Building 4 - Room 219/2

Shared responsibilities

  • Assistant of the manager of the Sanger sequencing plateform.
  • Installation of new softwares and computer for people arriving in the team, data backup.

In a few words

I first participated, as an engineer in the « Canine Genetics » team lead by Pr. Francis Galibert, to the mapping of 10 000 genes on the dog genome using the radiation hybrid technique. I have contributed to the development and the validation of the radiation hybrid panel and then to the mapping of the 10 000 genes.

Then I joined Dr Elaine Ostrander’s team at the NHGRI (NIH, Bethesda, USA) for my PhD. I was particularly interested in the identification of loci implicated in different phenotypes. Indeed I performed genome wide association studies to find loci implicated in histiocytic sarcoma in the Bernese mountain dog breed. By using genotyping data of 800 individuals of 80 breeds, I also identified three genes and their mutation that, by different combinations, are responsible of the diversity of the dog fur.

Since 2009, I joined Dr Catherine André’s team to study dog melanoma. Indeed the dog model is interesting in comparative oncology to better understand the molecular mechanism implicated in the human melanoma. One of the objectives is to characterize the different dog melanoma sub-types concerning their epidemiology, clinic and histopathology. Another objective is to identify the predisposing genes by genotyping cohort affected and unaffected dogs and analyzing these data by breed and melanoma subtypes. Lastly, this project also aims to identify somatic alterations and metabolic pathways implicated in the tumor progression by transcriptomic analysis and tumors DNA sequencing.


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