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In a few words

Francis Galibert, is emeritus professor at the University of Rennes1. For many years he has been interested in genome structure comparison and has lead or participated to several sequencing projects.


Pharmacist and molecular biologist by training (PhD) he spent two years as postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Doctor Frederic Sanger in Cambridge (England). There, in the early seventies he participated to the development of the sequencing methodology that transformed our ways to perform and understand biology and lead to the Human Genome project. Then he applied his skill toward the determination of the nucleotide sequence of the hepatitis B virus genome that lead to the development of the first vaccine based on the DNA recombinant technology. Since then this approach is still in use for the production of the hepatitis B vaccine.


In the early 90’s he went interested in dog genetics when he realized the power that the many breeds created to satisfy different purposes has to help deciphering the  complexity of the haplotype/ genotype relationship and lead the genetic team for several years, constructing several dense RH maps of the dog genome and participated to the assembly of the dog genome sequence.  In parallel he developed his interest toward analyzing the very high olfactory capabilities that collectively dogs have with the hope to understand why some breeds are more gifted than others. This led him to identify the olfactory receptor (OR) of dog but also of rat and some fishes as well as to investigate the transcriptome profile of olfactory sensory neurons (OSN).


More recently he turned his interest toward the so-called ectopic expression of a number of OR and in particular those expressed in sperm cells.


For his work he received the Silver Medal of CNRS (1976), was elected Member of EMBO (1987) and member of the French Academy of Medicine (2008).


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