Research professor

Claude PRIGENT Group

+33 (0)2 23 23 44 67

Villejean campus / Building 4 / Room 330/2

Major publications

  • Cell-cycle dependent localization of MELK and its new partner RACK1 in epithelial versus mesenchyme-like cells in Xenopus embryo.
    Chartrain I, Le Page Y, Hatte G, Körner R, Kubiak JZ, Tassan JP.
    Biol Open. 2013 Aug 21;2(10):1037-48.

    A functional analysis of MELK in cell division reveals a transition in the mode of cytokinesis during Xenopus development.
    Le Page Y, Chartrain I, Badouel C, Tassan JP.
    J Cell Sci. 2011 Mar 15;124(Pt 6):958-68.

    Maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase is stabilized in mitosis by phosphorylation and is partially degraded upon mitotic exit.
    Badouel C, Chartrain I, Blot J, Tassan JP.
    Exp Cell Res. 2010 Aug 1;316(13):2166-73.

    ZFPIP/Zfp462 is maternally required for proper early Xenopus laevis development.
    Laurent A, Masse J, Omilli F, Deschamps S, Richard-Parpaillon L, Chartrain I, Pellerin I.
    Dev Biol. 2009 Mar 1;327(1):169-76.

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