Emilie Montembault

Characterisation of new human mitotic protein kinases

Most of the organisms are composed of multiple cells that proliferate by cell division. Mitosis is a critical step of this cell cycle, during which chromosomes are equally separated into the two future daughter cells. The spindle apparatus, centrosomes and kinetochores are key structures for mitotic progression. During my thesis, I tried to characterise new mitotic regulators. Multiple phosphorylation events control mitotic progression. Thus, we focused on protein kinases that could be involved in mitotic control. On one hand, I characterized PRP4 (Pre-mRNA Processing 4) as a new human mitotic protein kinase. This kinetochore protein is implicated in the spindle assembly checkpoint and mitotic timing control. On the other hand, we have shown that protein CDK11p58 (Cyclin Dependant Kinase) regulates centrosome maturation and mitotic spindle formation. This centrosomal component can interact with PLK4 (Polo Like Kinase), a key regulator of centrosome duplication.

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Committee : October 19th, 2007
Marie Helène Verlhac
Renata Basto
Catherine Jessus
Anna Castro
Regis Giet
Claude Prigent (PhD director)

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