Jabbar Khan

Relation entre la kinase Aurora-C et le cancer

Aurora kinases belong to a conserved family of serine/threonine kinases key regulators of cell cycle progression. Aurora-A and Aurora-B are expressed in somatic cells and involved mainly in mitosis while Aurora-C is expressed during spermatogenesis and oogenesis and is involved in meiosis. Aurora-C is hardly detectable in normal somatic cells. However all three kinases are overexpressed in many cancer lines. Aurora-A possesses an oncogenic activity while Aurora-B does not. Here we investigated whether Aurora-C possesses such an oncogenic activity. We report that overexpression of Aurora-C induces abnormal cell division resulting in centrosome amplification and multinucleation in both transiently transfected cells and in stable cell lines. Only stable NIH3T3 cell clones overexpressing active Aurora-C formed foci of colonies when grown on soft agar, indicating that a gain of Aurora-C activity is sufficient to transform cells. Furthermore, we reported that NIH-3T3 stable cell lines overexpressing Aurora-C induced tumour formation when injected into nude mice, demonstrating the oncogenic activity of enzymatically active Aurora kinase C. Interestingly enough tumour aggressiveness was positively correlated with the rate of kinase activity, making Aurora-C a potential anti-cancer therapeutic target.

Financial support:
Government of Pakistan

Committee:  : October 17th 2011
Sophie Barillé
Chantal Desdouets
Olivier Coqueret
Reynald Gillet
Marie Berangère Troadec (PhD co-director)
Claude Prigent (PhD co-director)


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