Mohammed El Dika

Regulation of the M-phase M of cycle cellulaire by CDK1, PP2A and CDC6

The aim of this thesis is to understand better the regulation of the M-phase of the cell cycle. Experiments were done in cell-free extracts of Xenopus laevis one-cell embryos. Firstly, we show that the timing of the M-phase entry is precisely determined by a balance between the activity of CDK1 kinase and okadaic acid sensitive phosphatase, mainly PP2A. Secondly, we show the role of CDC6 protein in regulation of the entry into the first embryonic M-phase. CDC6 inhibits CDK1 and through this action regulates the dynamic of this kinase upon M-phase entry and during M-phase progression. This mechanism discovered during my PhD allows controlling precisely the timing of embryonic cleavage. This control plays a key role in coordinating the cell cycle regulating machinery and the development program of the embryo.

Financial support :
Liban Government

Committee:  : September 30th 2013
Marie-Dominique Galibert-Anne
Joëlle Sobczak-Thépot
Jean-François Bodart
Anne Corlu
Frederique Hetzel Braun
Jacek Kubiak
(PhD director)

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