Yoann Rannou

Regulation of cell division by Mnk1 and Aurora kinases

Abstract :
During mitosis two genetically identical daughter cells are generating. Mitosis is tightly controlled by various proteins like kinases in order to avoid errors which can lead to chromosomal instability. The aim of my PhD was to identify new kinases involved in mitosis control. I have identified the Mnk1 kinase which allows cell abscission by recruiting the centriolin at the midbody. I have also showed that the N-terminal domain of Aurora-A kinase regulates its localization at centrosomes, whereas Aurora-B N-terminal domain facilitates its nuclear localization. Finally I have described a new Aurora-A function. This kinase phosphorylates the Numb protein, a cell fate determinant involved asymmetric division. Numb phosphorylation by Aurora-A could control its localization and/or its endocytic activity.

Financial support :
Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer

Committee : November 6th 2008
Joelle Sobczak
Arnaud Echard
Christian Sardet
Jean Pierre Tassan
Claude Prigent (directeur de thèse)

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