Grégoire MICHAUX Group

Molecular mechanisms of epithelial polarity maintenance

Grégoire MICHAUX

Group Leader

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Epithelial cells which cover external and internal surfaces of the body and of all organs perform essential function such as barrier, absorption, filtration or respiration. These functions requires the establishment and the maintenance of a cell polarity specific to epithelial cells. Our team seeks to identify and characterise the key factors essential for the maintenance of epithelial polarity in the intestine for food absorption and in the epidermis during morphogenesis.

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Major publications

Selected Publications

  • Force Transmission between Three Tissues Controls Bipolar Planar Polarity Establishment and Morphogenesis
    Gillard G, Nicolle O, Brugière T, Prigent S, Pinot M, Michaux G.
    2019, Current Biology; 2017, BioRXiv

    Dynamic formation of microvillus inclusions during enterocyte differentiation in Munc18-2 deficient intestinal organoids
    Mosa MH, Nicolle O, Maschaldi S, Sepulveda FE, Bidaud-Meynard A, Menche C, Michels B, Michaux G*, de Saint Basile G*, Farin HF*. *Corresponding authors
    2018, Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology

    PAR-4 and anillin regulate myosin to coordinate spindle and furrow position during asymmetric division.
    Pacquelet A, Uhart P, Tassan JP, Michaux G.
    2015, Journal of Cell Biology

    Control of E-cadherin apical localisation and morphogenesis by a SOAP-1/AP-1/clathrin pathway in C. elegans epidermal cells.
    Gillard G, Shafaq-Zadah M, Nicolle O, Damaj, R, Pécréaux J, Michaux G.
    2015, Development

    Adaptation of cryo-sectioning for immuno-EM-labeling of asymmetric samples: C. elegans case study.
    Nicolle O, Burel A, Griffiths G, Michaux G, Kolotuev I.
    2015, Traffic

    AP-1 is required for the maintenance of apico-basal polarity in the C. elegans intestine.
    Shafaq-Zadah M, Brocard L, Solari F, Michaux G.
    2012, Development

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