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15/06/2018 - Dominique MIAS-LUCQUIN PhD student funded by AFM-Téléthon did participate to the national contest Action! Sciences by presenting his PhD works in a five minutes movie... and his movie was awarded as the Jury's Prize ! Congratulations !

28/05/2018 - Olivier DELALANDE did participate at the Thematic School DynaMoPPI co-organized with the University of Nantes.

5/05/2018 - Olivier DELALANDE presented an overview of Serious Games in the Biology Field in a PUB.

13/03/2018 - Publication of the article "Dystrophin’s central domain forms a complex filament that becomes disorganized by in-frame deletions." in The Journal of Biolocal Chemistry.

08/03/2018 - Publication of the article "Ten simple rules to create a serious game, illustrated with examples from structural biology." in PLoS Computational Biology.

27/10/2017 - Raphaël DOS SANTOS-MORAIS has defended his PhD work "Interaction dystrophine/membrane : structure 3D de fragments de la dystrophine en présence de phospholipides" in the Thesis Room of Beaulieu Campus of Rennes 1 University.

11-13/10/2017 - In the context of the Sciences Festival Week, the AFM-Telethon Ille-et-Vilaine invited patients, their family but also financial contributors to meet the DYSIM team. The media including press, radio and TV performed interviews of the team to this occasion.


05/07/2017 - Publication of the article "Contrast-Matched Isotropic Bicelles: A Versatile Tool to Specifically Probe the Solution Structure of Peripheral Membrane Proteins Using SANS." in Langmuir.

01/06/2017 - A book chapter about dystrophin and writen by the DYSIM team is now available in the book "Fibrous Proteins: Structures and Mechanisms" published by the Prof. David Parry and Prof. John Squire (Springer Ed).

9/05/2017 - Dominique MIAS-LUCQUIN PhD student funded by AFM-Téléthon did participate to Sciences en cour[t]s by presenting his PhD works in a five minutes movie. The movie was awarded as the Jury's First Prize and Public Prize.

13/03/2017 - Interview of Marc Baaden, co-worker of DYSIM Team on the DocMolecules serious game project.

01/01/2017 - SIM Team changes its name for DYSIM: "Dystrophin structure and function in myopathies"

12/10/2016 - Thomas Chenuel, Assistant Engineer funded by AFM-Téléthon did actively participate at Téléthon 2016... so, IGDR reached Anjou County !

12/10/2016 - The SIM Team did welcome AFM-Téléthon at event hosted by IGDR for the start of Téléthon in Britany.

23-24/06/2016 - Dominique MIAS-LUCQUIN won the Poster prize at the Rencontres de Biologie Physique du Grand Ouest (RBPGO) in Nantes.

17/05/2016 - DocMolecules will be presented at the Numeri'Pro day dedicated to digital mediation, "Hors-les-Mur" event of the next StunFest Festival.

1-14/04/2016 - Raphaël DOS SANTOS-MORAIS & Céline RAGUÉNÈS-NICOL have presented SIM Team last results at Poster Session of the Meeting of the Membrane Sections of the French and German Biophysical Societies, Bad Herrenalb, Germany.

14-18/03/2016 - Olivier DELALANDE provided modeling lessons at the CNRS Thematic School "Multi-Fonctions des Peptides Anti-Microbiens", Beg Meil, France.

4-18/03/2016 - Elisabeth LE RUMEUR, Jean-François HUBERT & Anne-Elisabeth MOLZA have presented SIM Team last results at Poster Session of the Myology 2016, Lyon, France.

29-31/01/2016 - DocMolecules, serious game conceived and co-developped by the SIM team, was presented at the iGAMER 2015 event at the Cité des Sciences de La Vilette. The game was awarded by the Students iGAMER 2015 Prize.

21-22/01/2016 - Raphaël DOS-SANTOS MORAIS has presented his first PhD year results at Poster Session of the SOLEIL User's Meeting 2016.


04/12/2015 - Publication of the collaborative work realised with Nick MENHART team (IIT Chicago, USA) and presenting the first structural model of the nNOS-Dystrophin association is now available on the Journal of Biological Chemistry website.

23/11/2015 - Olivier DELALANDE did a public conference at Montreuil-sous-Pérouse (35) for the opening of AFM Téléthon 2015.


12/11/2015 - Élisabeth LE RUMEUR did a conference at the highschool of Melesse (35).

11/11/2015 - Jean-François HUBERT did a conference at the highschool of Plouha (22).

17/10/2015 - Presentation of the DocMolecules Serious Game at the "Festival Maintenant!".

09/10/2015 - Release of the DocMolecules Serious Game at the "Festival des Sciences".

24/09/2015 - Anne-Élisabeth MOLZA did her PhD defense entitled "In Silico study of the complex involving dystrophin central domain, PDZ-nNOS subdomain, filamentous actin and membrane phospholipids".

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