Gene expression and development (GED)


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A PhD position is open in our group starting October, 2018, about RNA splicing in cancers. Please contact us for more information, or follow the link.

The cells in a multicellular organism have very different functions and aspects. This is permitted by a tight control of gene expression. We are interested in linking human disease and vertebrate development with "post-transcriptional" controls of gene expression, which are exerted at a particular level on a molecule named RNA. 

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Major publications

Selected Publications

  • Hypogonadism Associated with Cyp19a1 (Aromatase) Posttranscriptional Upregulation in Celf1 Knockout Mice. 
    Boulanger G, Cibois M, Viet J, Fostier A, Deschamps S, Pastezeur S, Massart C, Gschloessl B, Gautier-Courteille C, Paillard L.
    Mol Cell Biol. 2015 Sep.

    A post-transcriptional mechanism that controls Ptbp1 abundance in Xenopus epidermis.
    Méreau A, Anquetil V, Lerivray H, Viet J, Schirmer C, Audic Y, Legagneux V, Hardy S, Paillard L.
    Mol Cell Biol. 2015 Feb.

    CLIP-seq of eIF4AIII reveals transcriptome-wide mapping of the human exon junction complex.
    Saulière J, Murigneux V, Wang Z, Marquenet E, Barbosa I, Le Tonquèze O, Audic Y, Paillard L, Roest Crollius H, Le Hir H.
    Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2012 Nov

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