Gene expression and development (GED)


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A PhD position is open in our group starting October, 2018, about RNA splicing in cancers. Please contact us for more information, or follow the link.

The cells in a multicellular organism have very different functions and aspects. This is permitted by a tight control of gene expression. We are interested in linking human disease and vertebrate development with "post-transcriptional" controls of gene expression, which are exerted at a particular level on a molecule named RNA. 

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Major publications

Selected Publications

  • The RNA-binding protein Celf1 post-transcriptionally regulates p27Kip1 and Dnase2b to control fiber cell nuclear degradation in lens development
    Archana D. Siddam, Carole Gautier-Courteille, Linette Perez-Campos, Deepti Anand, Atul Kakrana, Christine A. Dang, Vincent Legagneux, Agnès Méreau, Justine Viet, Jeffrey M. Gross, Luc Paillard, Salil A. Lachke
    PLoS Genet 2018 Mar

    Robust identification of Ptbp1-dependent splicing events by a junction-centric approach in Xenopus laevis
    Maud Noiret, Agnès Méreau, Gaëlle Angrand, Marion Bervas, Carole Gautier-Courteille, Vincent Legagneux, Stéphane Deschamps, Hubert Lerivray, Justine Viet, Serge Hardy, Luc Paillard, Yann Audic
    Dev Biol 2017 Jun
    Link to R scripts and data

    A post-transcriptional mechanism that controls Ptbp1 abundance in Xenopus epidermis.
    Méreau A, Anquetil V, Lerivray H, Viet J, Schirmer C, Audic Y, Legagneux V, Hardy S, Paillard L.
    Mol Cell Biol. 2015 Feb.

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