Staff scientist


+33 (0)2 23 23 38 02

Villejean Campus / Building 4 / Room 310/2

Shared responsibilities

Radio-protection officer (PCRP) for the UMR6290: in charge of the optimization and setting out the radiation protection requirements for the workers of the laboratory consistent with the quantity of unsealed nuclear substances present and used, measures for dealing with spills, supporting documentation, record keeping, and reporting obligations, supervising the training  to give guidelines of radiation protection of workers and members of the public for the adequate usage of unsealed nuclear substance in the laboratory.

Member of the board of the french society for biochemistry and molecular biology (SFBBM).

In a few words

Agnès MEREAU joined the RNA maturation lab headed by Christiane Branlant (Nancy) in 1993 as a CNRS researcher. She's an expert in RNA biochemistry, splicing mechanisms and regulations. She moved to the IGDR in the GED team in 2002, to tackle alternative splicing regulations and RNA-binding proteins. She uses several models with a strong emphasis on Xenopus embryos.

Major publications

  • Ptbp1 and Exosc9 knockdowns trigger skin stability defects through different pathways.
    Noiret M, Mottier S, Angrand G, Gautier-Courteille C, Lerivray H, Viet J, Paillard L, Mereau A, Hardy S, Audic Y.
    Dev Biol. 2016 Jan.

    A post-transcriptional mechanism that controls Ptbp1 abundance in Xenopus epidermis.
    Méreau A, Anquetil V, Lerivray H, Viet J, Schirmer C, Audic Y, Legagneux V, Hardy S, Paillard L.
    Mol Cell Biol. 2015 Feb.

    Implication of the SMN complex in the biogenesis and steady state level of the signal recognition particle.
    Piazzon N, Schlotter F, Lefebvre S, Dodré M, Méreau A, Soret J, Besse A, Barkats M, Bordonné R, Branlant C, Massenet S.
    Nucleic Acids Res. 2013 Jan.

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