Grégoire MICHAUX


Group leader

Grégoire MICHAUX Group

+33 (0)2 23 23 47 75

Villejean Campus / Building 4 / Room 231/1


From 2007: Group leader: Molecular mechanisms of epithelial polarity maintenance

2008-2016: Board member: French Society for Cell Biology

2012-2016: Scientific department coordinator: Developmental and Cell Biology Department

From 2012: Scientific direction: Transmission electron microscopy facility - Rennes Villejean

From 2013: Board member: IGDR PhD program


Major publications

  • - Pacquelet A, Uhart P, Tassan JP, Michaux G. PAR-4 and anillin regulate myosin to coordinate spindle and furrow position during asymmetric division.
    2015, J Cell Biol, 210, 1085-1099.

    - Gillard G, Shafaq-Zadah M, Nicolle O, Damaj, R, Pécréaux J, Michaux G. Control of E-cadherin apical localisation and morphogenesis by a SOAP-1/AP-1/clathrin pathway in C. elegans epidermal cells.
    2015, Development, 142, 1684-94.

    - Shafaq-Zadah M, Brocard L, Solari F, Michaux G. AP-1 is required for the maintenance of apico-basal polarity in the C. elegans intestine.
    2012, Development, 139, 2061-2070.

    - Michaux G, Abbitt KB, Collinson LM, Haberichter SL, Norman KE, Cutler DF. The physiological function of von Willebrand's factor depends on its tubular storage in endothelial Weibel Palade bodies.
    2006, Dev Cell 10, 223-232.

    - Michaux G, Pullen T, Haberichter SL, Cutler DF. P-selectin binds to the D’-D3 domains of von Willebrand factor in Weibel Palade bodies.
    2006, Blood 107, 3922-3924.

    - Michaux G, Hewlett L, Messenger SL, Goodeve AC, Peake RI, Daly ME, Cutler DF. Analysis of intracellular storage and regulated secretion of three von Willebrands disease-causing variants of von Willebrand Factor.
    2003, Blood 102, 2452-2458

    - Michaux G, Gansmuller A, Hindelang C, Labouesse M. CHE-14, a protein with a sterol-sensing domain, is required for apical sorting in C. elegans ectodermal epithelial cells.
    2000, Curr Biol 10, 1098-1107.

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