Pécréaux Group Members

Staff Scientists

Group leader: Jacques PÉCRÉAUX (Researcher CNRS) - fields of expertise : Physics / Biology / Mathematics  

Hélène BOUVRAIS (Researcher CNRS) - fields of expertise : Biology / Soft Matter / Physics  
Yann LE CUNFF (Assistant Professor UR1) - fields of expertise : Mathematics / Statistics / Modeling  

Research Supports

Laurent CHESNEAU (Engineer Lab manager CNRS) - field of expertise : Biology   
Sylvain PASTEZEUR (Assistant engineer UR1) - field of expertise : Biology  

PHD Student

Anca CARANFIL  - fields of expertise : Mathematics - Advisors Yann LE CUNFF and Charles KERVRAN (INRIA, Rennes)

Maël BALLUET - fields of expertise : Informatics - Hardware driving- Advisors Jacques PÉCRÉAUX and Marc TRAMIER, co-supervisor Otmane BOUCHAREB (Inscoper)

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