Pei-Yun Jenny WU Group

Genome Duplication and Maintenance (GDM)

Pei-Yun Jenny WU

Group leader

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In order for cells to grow and for tissues to differentiate, the genetic material, or DNA, needs to be copied and transmitted during cell division. This process is highly controlled, and defects in these mechanisms have been linked to a variety of diseases. We are interested in understanding how the DNA in a cell is copied and maintained as well as the interplay between the organization of genome duplication and cellular function.

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Major publications

Selected Publications

  • The organization of genome duplication is a critical determinant of the landscape of genome maintenance
    Gómez-Escoda B and Wu PY.
    Genome Research (2018) 28:1179-1192.

    CDK activity provides temporal and quantitative cues for organizing genome duplication
    Perrot A, Millington CL, Gómez-Escoda B, Schausi-Tiffoche D, and Wu PY.
    PLOS Genetics (2018) 14:e1007214.

    A drug-compatible and temperature-controlled microfluidic device for live-cell imaging
    Chen T, Gomez-Escoda B, Munoz-Garcia J, Babic J, Griscom L, Wu PY*, and Coudreuse D.
    Open Biology (2016) 6:160156. * Co-senior and Co-corresponding author

    Replication origin selection regulates the distribution of meiotic recombination
    Wu PY* and Nurse P.
    Molecular Cell (2014) 53:655-662. * Corresponding author

    Establishing the program of origin firing during S phase in fission yeast
    Wu, PY* and Nurse P.
    Cell (2009) 136:852-864. * Corresponding author

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