Mathieu PINOT


Staff scientist

Roland LE BORGNE Group

+33 (0)2 23 23 48 94

Villejean campus / Building 4 / Room 236


  • FRAP and nano-ablation workshop

In a few words

Mathieu PINOT's research involves fundamental problematics and combines multidisciplinary approaches at the interface of physics chemistry and biology in order to understand molecular mechanisms of living cells. He used these multidisciplinary approaches associated to methodological development to understand self-organization, out-of-equilibrium transport processes and membrane reorganization processes in cellular and multi-cellular systems. Currently, his research focuses on the role of mechanical tension forces in cell fate acquisition.

Major publications

  • - Loyer N., Kolotuev I., Pinot M., Le Borgne R.
    Drosophila E-cadherin is required for the maintenance of ring canals anchoring to mechanically withstand tissue growth
    2015 Oct 13;112(41):12717-22

    - M. Pinot, S. Vanni, S. Pagnotta, S. Lacas-Gervais, G. Malandain, X. Descombes, T. Ferreira, R. Gautier, B. Goud, B.  Antonny and H. Barelli. Polyunsaturated phospholipids facilitate membrane deformation and fission by endocytic proteins. Science. 2014 Aug 8;345(6197):693-7

    - J. Janvore, P. Maiuri, I. Yang, M. Pinot, JB. Manneville, T. Betz, M. Balland, M. Piel. ESCRT-III assembly and cytokinetic abscission are indiced by tension release in the intracellular bridge. Science. 2013 Mar 29;339(6127):1625-9.

     -M. Pinot, J.B. Manneville, B.Goud. Physical aspects of COPI vesicle formation. Mol Membr Biol. 2010 Nov; 27(8):428-42.

    - M. Pinot, V. Steiner, B. Delhapiot, BK. Yoo, F. Chesnel, L. Blanchouin, C. Kervrann, Z. Gueroui. Confinement induces actin flow in a meiotic cytoplasm. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 Jul 17;109(29):11705-10. 2012.

    - M. Pinot, F Chesnel, JZ Kubiak, I Arnal, FJ Nedelec, Z Gueroui. Effects of confinement on the self-organization of microtubules and motors. Current Biology. 2009, 19 (11), 954-60. Sélectionnée par ‘Faculty of 1000 Biology

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