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Véronique DAVID Group

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Major publications

  • [From cyclops to reality: a fresh look at the genetics of holoprosencephaly]. Dupé V, Dubourg C, de Tayrac M, David V. Médecine/Science. 2017 Nov. French

    Mutational Spectrum in Holoprosencephaly Shows That Fgf is a New Major Signaling Pathway. Dubourg C, Carré W, Hamdi-Rozé H, Mouden C, Roume J, Abdelmajid B, Amram D, Baumann C, Chassaing N, Coubes C, Faivre-Olivier L, Ginglinger E, Gonzales M, Levy-Mozziconacci A, Lynch SA, Naudion S, Pasquier L, Poidvin A, Prieur F, Sarda P, Toutain A, Dupé V, Akloul L, Odent S, de Tayrac M, David V. Hum. Mutat. 2016 Jul.

    Homozygous STIL mutation causes holoprosencephaly and microcephaly in two siblings. 
    Mouden C, de Tayrac M, Dubourg C, Rose S, Carré W, Hamdi-Rozé H, Akloul L, Héron B, Odent S, Dupé V, Giet R, David V.
    PLoS One. 2015 Feb.

    Genome-wide association study identifies TF as a significant modifier gene of iron metabolism in HFE hemochromatosis. 
    de Tayrac M, Roth MP, Jouanolle M, Coppin H, le Gac G, Piperno a, Férec C, Pelucchi S, Scotet V, Bardou-Jacquet E, Ropert M, Bouvet R, Génin E, Mosser J, Deugnier Y.
    J. Hepatol. 2015 Mar.

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