Wilfrid CARRÉ


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Véronique DAVID Group

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CHU Pontchaillou / Laboratoire de génétique moléculaire et génomique

In a few words

After a PhD in molecular genetics, I acquired technical skills in bioinformatics during postdoctoral trainings on chicken genomics at university of Delaware (US) and Roslin institute (Scotland). I started to work on NGS data on metagenomics related to human gut microbiome and Obesity at INRA Jouy en Josas. Later I widen my research area on marine genomics, working on bacteria, Seaweeds and Shark genomes at the Roscoff marine Station. Now in the molecular genetic department at the Hospital of Rennes I am in charge to develop bioinformatics methods to analyze NGS data for diagnostic purpose on iron overload, colorectal cancer and holoprosencephaly. I also participate in exome and genome analysis for translational research developmental related diseases and in intellectual disabilities and in the research on holoprosencephaly within the IGDR.

Major publications

  • Targeted panel sequencing establishes the implication of planar cell polarity pathway and involves new candidate genes in neural tube defect disorders. Beaumont M, Akloul L, Carré W, Quélin C, Journel H, Pasquier L, Fradin M, Odent S, Hamdi-Rozé H, Watrin E, Dupé V, Dubourg C and David V. Human Genetics. 2019 Jan.

    Integrated Clinical and Omics Approach to Rare Diseases : Novel Genes and Oligogenic Inheritance in Holoprosencephaly. Kim A, Savary C, Dubourg C, Carré W, Mouden C, Hamdi-Rozé H, Guyodo H, Le Douce J, Frex Consortium, GoNL Consortium, Pasquier L, Flori E, Gonzales M, Bénéteau C, Boute 0, Attié-Bitach T, Roume J, Goujon L, Akloul L, Odent S, Watrin E, Dupé V, de Tayrac M, David V. Brain. 2019 Jan.

    Run of homozygosity analysis reveals a novel nonsense variant of the CNGB1 gene involved in retinitis pigmentosa 45. Fradin M, Colin E, Hannouche-Bared D, Audo I, Sahel JA, Biskup S, Carré W, Ziegler A, Wilhelm C, Guichet A, Odent S, Bonneau D. Ophthalmic Genet. 2016 Sep.

    Mutational Spectrum in Holoprosencephaly Shows That Fgf is a New Major Signaling Pathway. 
    Dubourg C, Carré W, Hamdi-Rozé H, Mouden C, Roume J, Abdelmajid B, Amram D, Baumann C, Chassaing N, Coubes C, Faivre-Olivier L, Ginglinger E, Gonzales M, Levy-Mozziconacci A, Lynch SA, Naudion S, Pasquier L, Poidvin A, Prieur F, Sarda P, Toutain A, Dupé V, Akloul L, Odent S, de Tayrac M, David V. Hum. Mutat. 2016 Jul.

    Complex mode of inheritance in holoprosencephaly revealed by whole exome sequencing.
    Mouden C, Dubourg C, Carré W, Rose S, Quelin c, Akloul L, Viot G, Salhi H, Darnault P, Odent S, Dupé V, David V. Clin. Genet. 2016 Jan.

    microRNAs and the evolution of complex multicellularity: identification of a large, diverse complement of microRNAs in the brown alga Ectocarpus. Tarver JE, Cormier A, Pinzón N, Taylor RS, Carré W, Strittmatter M, Seitz H, Coelho SM, Cock JM. Nucleic Acids Res. 2015 Jul.

    Homozygous STIL mutation causes holoprosencephaly and microcephaly in two siblings. 
    Mouden C, de Tayrac M, Dubourg C, Rose S, Carré W, Hamdi-Rozé H, Akloul L, Héron B, Odent S, Dupé V, Giet R, David V. PLoS One. 2015 Feb.

    Mechanisms of endoderm formation in a cartilaginous fish reveal ancestral and homoplastic traits in jawed vertebrates. Godard BG, Coolen M, Le Panse S, Gombault A, Ferreiro-Galve S, Laguerre L, Lagadec R, Wincker P, Poulain J, Da Silva C, Kuraku S, Carre W, Boutet A, Mazan S. Biol. Open. 2014 Oct.

    Bacterial protein signals are associated with Crohn's disease. Juste C, Kreil DP, Beauvallet C, Guillot A, Vaca S, Carapito C, Mondot S, Sykacek P, Sokol H, Blon F, Lepercq P, Levenez F, Valot B, Carré W, Loux V, Pons N, David O, Schaeffer B, Lepage P, Martin P, Monnet V, Seksik P, Beaugerie L, Ehrlich SD, Gibrat JF, Van Dorsselaer A, Doré J. Gut. 2014 Oct.

    Dietary intervention impact on gut microbial gene richness. Cotillard A, Kennedy SP, Kong LC, Prifti E, Pons N, Le Chatelier E, Almeida M, Quinquis B, Levenez F, Galleron N, Gougis S, Rizkalla S, Batto JM, Renault P Blottière H., Leclerc M., Juste C., de Wouters T., Lepage P., Fouqueray C., Basdevant A., Henegar C., Godard C., Fondacci M., Rohia A., Hajduch F., Weissenbach J., Pelletier E., Le Paslier D., Gauchi J.P., Gibrat J.F., Loux V., Carré W., Maguin E., van de Guchte M., Jamet A., Boumezbeur F., Layec S., Doré J, Zucker JD, Clément K, Ehrlich SD. Nature 2013 Aug.

    Genome structure and metabolic features in the red seaweed Chondrus crispus shed light on evolution of the Archaeplastida. Collén J, Porcel B, Carré W, Ball SG, Chaparro C, Tonon T, Barbeyron T, Michel G, Noel B, Valentin K, Elias M, Artiguenave F, Arun A, Aury JM, Barbosa-Neto JF, Bothwell JH, Bouget FY, Brillet L, Cabello-Hurtado F, Capella-Gutiérrez S, Charrier B, Cladière L, Cock JM, Coelho SM, Colleoni C, Czjzek M, Da Silva C, Delage L, Denoeud F, Deschamps P, Dittami SM, Gabaldón T, Gachon CM, Groisillier A, Hervé C, Jabbari K, Katinka M, Kloareg B, Kowalczyk N, Labadie K, Leblanc C, Lopez PJ, McLachlan DH, Meslet-Cladiere L, Moustafa A, Nehr Z, Nyvall Collén P, Panaud O, Partensky F, Poulain J, Rensing SA, Rousvoal S, Samson G, Symeonidi A, Weissenbach J, Zambounis A, Wincker P, Boyen C. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci USA 2013 Mar.

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