Wu Group Publications

Replication origin selection regulates the distribution of meiotic recombination. 
Wu PY* and Nurse P.
Mol Cell. 2014 Feb. - * Corresponding author

The programme of DNA replication: beyond genome duplication. 
Gomez-Escoda B and Wu PY.
Biochemical Soc Trans. 2013 Dec

Quantitative control of protein s-palmitoylation affects meiotic commitment in fission yeast.
Zhang MM, Wu PY, Kelly FD, Nurse P and Hang HC.
PLOS Biology. 2013 Jul.

Insights from a new tool for meiotic induction in fission yeast.
Wu PY.
Cell Cycle. 2012 Jun.

Establishing the program of origin firing during S phase in fission yeast. 
Wu PY* and Nurse P.
Cell. 2009 Mar. - * Corresponding author

Regulation of an intergenic transcript controls adjacent gene transcription in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Martens JA, Wu PY and Winston F.
Genes Dev. 2005 Nov.

Molecular architecture of the S. cerevisiae SAGA complex.
Wu PY, Ruhlmann C, Winston F and Schultz P.
Mol Cell. 2004 Jul.

Analysis of Spt7 Function in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae SAGA coactivator complex.
Wu PY and Winston F.
Mol Cell. Biol. 2002 Aug.


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