The serious game DocMolecules receives the "Public Award" in iGamER3

The serious game Docmolecules, co-developed and co-designed in the IGDR in partnership with the "Espace des Sciences de Rennes" has received the "student Public Award" at the third edition of the iGamER. It is an international event and competition dedicated to scientific and educational general public games . iGamER3 took place january in "La cité des Sciences" in Paris. Congratulations to Olivier DELALANDE, scientific leader of the project DocMolecules and Research Professor at the IGDR in the "Structure and Molecular Interactions" Group, for this award.

What is DocMolecules?

DocMolecules is a serious game conceived for an Arcade machine with a haptic arm enabling a touch sensation to construct molecular assemblies. By exploring the mode of action of a drug that is frequently prescribed to combat allergies, the DocMolecule player moves his way up through visualisation and manipulation of molecules. DocMolecules is a combination of UnityMol and Biospring, a physical simulation engine designed for research purposes and reused here to dock molecules together and score the player's achievements.