Translational Oncogenomic news

The Mosser Group derives from the ‘Integrated functional genomics and biomarkers’ team and strengthens its involvement in genomics and translational research based on innovative technological developments. The team is located in the molecular genetics and genomics department of the Rennes University Hospital and benefits from its environment and staff belonging to the medical genomics laboratories and the somatic genetics of cancers laboratories.

Furthermore the team is co-located with the Environmental & Human Genomics platform (BIOSIT, Biogenouest Genomics, IBiSA, France Genomics). This is why the developed project seeks to produce and use genomic data and to extract information likely to have a concrete interest in molecular diagnostic practices for prognostication and therapeutic response assessment. This is done for solid tumors daily diagnosed in the cancer somatic genetics laboratory thanks to the support of the National Cancer Institute (INCA).