Anciens Membres de l'équipe Mécanismes moléculaires du maintien de la polarité épithéliale

Anciens membres

Ghislain Gillard, M1 and PhD student - 2012-2016, now postdoc in Katja Röper's lab at Laboratory for Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK.

Massiullah Shafaq-Zadah, M2 and PhD student - 2008-2012; now CR2 INSERM (from 01/10/2016) in Ludger Johannes' lab, Institut Curie, Paris, France.

Alex Holmes, Post-doc - 2008-2010; then in Anton Gartner's lab, University of Dundee, UK.

Raghida Damaj, Post-doc - 2009-2010; then at Lebanon University.

Lysiane Brocard, Research engineer - 2008-2009; then Research Engineer, Bordeaux Imaging Center, Bordeaux, France.



- Justine Quintin L3; then PhD student in Gilles Salbert's lab, IGDR, Rennes
- Emmanuel Gallaud IUT Laval; then PhD student in Régis Giet's lab, IGDR, Rennes and now Post-doc in Clemens Cabernard lab (Basel).

- Céline Jouffe M1; then PhD student in Frédéric Gachon's lab, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
- Floriane Launay IUT Saint Brieuc
- Massi Shafaq-Zadah M2; followed by a PhD in our group and a postdoc in Ludger Johannes group (Institut Curie, Paris)

- Aurélien Perrin L3; followed by an M2 internship in our group
- Justine Pourchasse M1
- Maxime Danilo IUT Laval, then at Polytech Clermont-Ferrand

- Emmanuel Gallaud M2; supervised by Anne Pacquelet. Followed by a PhD in Régis Giet's lab, IGDR, Rennes
- Virginie Vion BTS Angers; supervised by Anne Pacquelet. Now working at the Rennes-Pontchaillou hospital

- Aurélien Perrin M2 internship; now engineer at CRBM, Montpellier
- Ghislain Gillard M1; followed by an M2 internship in André Le Bivic's lab, IBDML, Marseille; now a PhD student in our group.
- Clémence Kergoulay M1; supervised by Anne Pacquelet
- Guillaume Jacquemin L1; supervised by Anne Pacquelet

- Emeline DANIEL, M1; supervised by Anne Pacquelet; now PhD student in Roland Le Borgne's lab (IGDR)
- Marine LEHUE, L3; voluntary internship. Then at the Interdisciplinary Approaches to Life Science (AIV) master (Liliane Bettencourt Graduate program)

- Nadège Moreau, L3 internship
- Sophie Rose, M1 internship
- Romain Jugele, M1 internship; supervised by Anne Pacquelet

- Markus Heck, Erasmus internship
- Perrette Queric, M1 internship
- Perrine Uhart, M2 internship; supervised by Anne Pacquelet. Then engineer in Roland Le Borgne's group (IGDR)

- Thomas Le Gal, Master 2 student; then PhD student in Sophie Jarriault's group (IGBMC in Strasbourg)
- Marjorie Ponnavoy, Master 2 student; supervised by Anne Pacquelet. Then Research Engineer at inDroso

- Marion Daude, Master 2 student; then PhD student in Roland Le Borgne's group (IGDR)
- Nettie Van Meteren, Master 1 internship
- Matthieu Jousseaume, M1 internship, supervised by Anne Pacquelet
- Flora Demouchy, L3 internship

- Thibault Brugière, Master 2 student; then engineer in Marie Delattre's group (ENS Lyon)


- Flora Demouchy, Master 2 internship, supervised by Anne Pacquelet
- Sara Bouizakarne, Master 2 internship,  with Liphy, Grenoble
- Justine Cailloce, L3 internship, supervised by Aurélien Bidaud-Meynard

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