Thèse de Clotilde Pronnier-Petretti

Contrôle de la mitose par phosphorylation : une nouvelle fonction pour la protéine kinase CDK11

Mitosis is a fundamental stage of the cell cycle that results in the equal distribution of chromosomes to each of the daughter cells. Protein kinases are key enzymes controlling several mitotic processes. CDKs (Cyclin Dependent Kinases) are one of the major families of protein kinases, some of which are involved in mitosis. In humans, there are ten: CDK1 to CDK9 and CDK11. The CDK11 protein kinase subfamily comprises two isoforms: a short form CDK11p58 and a long form CDK11p110. During this work, I studied the effect of suppressing the expression of the CDK11 gene and demonstrated that kinase was necessary for the progression of mitosis. I also demonstrated that it was the short isoform CDK11p58 that was the mitotic form. The function of CDK11p58 is to ensure centrosome maturation by controlling the recruitment of Aurora-A and Plk1 mitotic kinases;


Jury: 22 septembre 2006
Joëlle Sobczak-Thépot
Bernard Ducommun
Andreas Merdes
michel Philippe
Pascal Loyer
Régis Giet
Claude Prigent (directeur de thèse)